1 Year Training Program

Fellowship in Biofunctional Interceptive & Myofunctional Therapy​

Highly Recommended for Pediatric Dentists, Faculties and Practitioners


19 September 2024


Annoor Dental College and Hospital, Kerala


Manipal University College, Malaysia

Accredited by

Associated Institutions

Program Director & Chief Mentor

Prof. Dr Joby Peter, MDS


Professor and Head,
Department of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry
Annoor dental college and hospital

Head of Academics, Online Dentistry

Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry,
Yenepoya University, Mangalore, Karnataka


Dr Binu T Abraham

Director and Chief DENTAL SURGEON, Kerala Dental Clinic, Kerala

Dr Monika Sharma

Professor and Senior Consultant, Specialist in Harley international medical center Dubai

Dr Varun Rai

Department of ENT
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi

Dr Kurien Tobi Varghese

Chief ENT Surgeon, Kizhakambalam Medical Centre, Kerala

Dr Shine Shukoor

Chief Consultant, Kinder Multispecialty Hospital Kerala


Speech Pathologist, Rajagiri Group of Hospitals, Kerala.


Dr Jeffrey A.

Professor of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Indiana University School of Dentistry, Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Dr Ganasalingam Sockalingam

Paediatric Dentistry Department,
Manipal University College, Melaka


Training Program

Certificate : Advanced Master Training Program in Interceptive & Myofunctional Therapy

*Attendees of the program are eligible for International Fellowship in Interceptive and Myofunctional Therapy (Biofunctional Therapy) from Manipal University College, Malaysia.

Awarded by : Annoor Dental College and Hospital, (ACCREDITED BY NAAC WITH B++ GRADE) Affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS), Medical College P.O, Thrissur, Kerala, India, PIN – 680596.



  • Didactic Pre-clinical Hands-on
  • LIVE Clinical Demonstrations by Mentors
  • LIVE Clinical Training for participants with over-the-shoulder supervision by Mentors
  • Case presentation
  • Group Discussion & Group Publication
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Advanced Armamentarium & Equipment
  • Patient Volunteers for Clinical Training (10 to 15 cases will be provided by college)
  • Premium Membership of Peer-Reviewed Literature (Exclusive Login IDs & Passwords)
  • Access to Unique application for Digital Learning & Revision (Exclusive Login Ids)
  • Hospitality for entire On-Campus Training (F & B Only)
  • Management of a minimum 15-20 Clinical Cases on Patients with various complexities
  • All work will be done strictly under mentors’ guidance.
  • Post training mentorship for your cases (Life long membership in WhatsApp Group for Case Support)
  • Premium life long online dentistry membership*.


Minimum qualification of B.D.S or equivalent from a DCI recognized Institution in India or overseas BDS / Equivalent (students should get a temporary registration and approval from the corresponding State Dental Council of India (KDC)


This Program is a One Year non-continuous, modular-based training.

Online Modules .
18 Classes ( 36 Hours ).
Offline Module.
4 Modules with 3 days each (102 Hours)

Life Long Support

All attendees of the program will have direct access to the faculty to discuss any number of patient cases for life. ​

This Program is much needed and rewarding for Candidates with a minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience in clinical dentistry.
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Online Dentistry has been conducting session on Myofunctional Orthodontics for over 14 Years.

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Life Time Mentorship

All attendees of the program will have direct access to the faculty to discuss any number of patient cases for life.




  • Module 1: September 2023: 22,23,24
  • Module 2: December 2023: 27,28,29
  • Module 3: April 2024: 4,5,6
  • Module 4: July 2024: 26,27,28 (Including Theory and Practical Exams)


  • October 2023: 12th and 26th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • November 2023: 9th and 23rd (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • December 2023: 14th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • January 2024 11th and 25th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • February 2024 8th and 24th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • March 7th and 21st (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • April 11th and 25th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • May 9th and 23rd (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • June 13th and 27th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 PM

  • July 11th (Thursday) 7 PM to 9 P (review class before on-campus course)


  1. Original Birth Certificate*
  2. Copy of Passport (foreign students)
  3. Domicile*
  4. Aadhar card*
  5. Two passport size photographs
  6. State DCI or concerned Dental regulatory body Registration Certificate*
  7. Mark sheets*
  8. Degree Certificate of BDS/MDS/Others*
  9. Copy of Passport of Parents (only for overseas candidates)*
  10. Proof of NRI Status of candidate/Parents (only for overseas candidates)*
  11. Transcripts (only for overseas candidates)*
  12. Copy of Visa (only for overseas candidates)*
  13. Original Acknowledgement Receipt of fees (RTGS/NEFT/DD/CHEQUE)

(* all copy of originals attested by a notary and duly signed by the student)


  1. Applied Anatomy & genetics: related to interceptive and myofunctional therapy
  2. Applied Physiology: applied aspect to the program
  3. Applied Pathology: applied aspect to the program
  4. Nutrition and Dietic: applied aspect to the program
  5. Growth & Development: Prenatal and postnatal development of cranium, face, jaws, teeth and supporting structures. Chronology of dental development and development of occlusion. Dimensional changes in dental arches. Cephalometric evaluation of growth.
  6. Child Psychology and Behavior Management: Non- pharmacological methods: applicable to appliance selection and maintenance.
  7. Preventive Pedodontics: Concepts, chair side preventive measures for dental diseases, Preventive Management:  Pit and Fissures Sealants, Oral Hygiene measures, Correlation of brushing with dental caries and periodontal diseases
  8. Interceptive Orthodontics:
    1. Concepts of occlusion and esthetics: Structure and function of all anatomic components of occlusion, mechanics of articulations, recording of masticatory function, diagnosis of Occlusal dysfunction, relationship of TMJ anatomy and pathology and related neuromuscular physiology.
    2. A comprehensive review of the local and systemic factors in the causation of malocclusion.
    3. Recognition and management of normal and abnormal developmental occlusions in primary, mixed and permanent dentitions in children (Occlusal Guidance).
    4. Biology of tooth movement: A comprehensive review of the principles of teeth movement, Review of contemporary literature. Histopathology of bone and Periodontal ligament, Molecular and ultra cellular consideration in tooth movement.
    5. Myofunctional appliances: Basic principles, contemporary appliances: Design &
      • Functional regulators(all types)
      • Oral screen
      • Twin block
      • Rick a nator
    6. Removable appliances: Basic principles, contemporary’ appliances: Design & Fabrication 2D and 3 D expanders( all type of removable appliances)
    7. Fixed appliances
      1. Quad helix
      2. Niti expanders
      3. Molar distalizers
      4. Space regainers and maintainers
      5. Bonded and banded RME
      6. FAN RME
    8. Straight wire Orthodontics
      • 2X2, 2X4. 2X6 SET UP
      • Various attachments and methods to correct mispositioned single or multiple teeth in dental arches
      • Utility arch and its various modifications.
    9. Functional jaw orthopedics
      • Maxillary intrusion splint
      • High pull head gear
      • Reverse face mask
      • Chip cup
      • Tandem appliances
      • Reverse twin block
    10. Case selection & diagnosis in interceptive Orthodontics (Cephalometric, Image processing, Tracing, Radiation hygiene, Video imaging and advance Cephalometric techniques)
    11. Space Management: Etiology, Diagnosis of space problems, analysis, Biomechanics, Planned extraction in Interceptive orthodontics.
  9. Oral Habits in Children:
  • Definition, Etiology & Classification
  • Clinical features of digit sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing &   various other secondary habits.
  • Management of oral habits in children

10. Case History Recording, Outline of principles of examination, diagnosis & treatment planning.

    • Detailed case sheet for each condition
    • Photography: record taking and photo analysis for your cases
    • Model analysis: mixed dentition and permanent dentition analysis
    • Study cast fabrication and storing
    • OPG and its analysis for your cases
    • Cephalometric analysis: composite analysis including Archial / Steiner / Macnamara /Rickets /Tweeds /Jeraback etc.

11. Understanding of Computers for case storing and digital dental Photography

12. Emerging concepts in Paediatric Dentistry: overall outlook to MRC, Orthotropics etc.

13. Sleep apnea: Pediatric sleep disturbed disorder(detailed case discussion with pulmonologist and visit to sleep clinic)

      1. Sleep study and sleep hygiene
      2. Sleep clinic and pulmonologist role
      3. Interpretation of polysomnography
      4. Appliance therapy used for sleep improvisation in children and adolescents.

14. ENT and Dentistry (detailed case discussion with ENT and lecture and video demonstration on airway and its role in malocclusion)

      1. Air way analysis: upper and lower
      2. Nasal endoscopy
      3. Adenoids and tonsils: role of dentist

15. Speech therapy and dentistry (detailed discussion and lecture of speech training for children with tongue thrusting/ short labial frenum and other speech disorder)

      1. Articulation and speech defect identification
      2. Speech and phonation retraining

16. Advanced breathing exercises: Buteyko method of breathing World renowned Breathing retaining for mouth breathers and various systemic disorders in children and adolescence.

Preclinical Work

(Duration – 3 Months of 1st module) (One on Each Exercise.) *

Basic wire bending exercises

Fabrication of

  1. Adams clasp
  2. Roberts retractor
  3. Labial bow
  4. Finger spring
  5. Double cantilever spring
  6. Hawley’s appliance with 2 or 3D slow maxillary expansion appliance
  7. Impression of the ideal and crowded cast with cast poured with base: 2 cases
  8. Full set of patient orthodontic photography: 2 cases
  9. Tracing of soft tissue dental and skeletal landmarks as observed on Cephalometric radiographs and drawing of various planes and angles, further interpretation of Cephalometric radiographs is analysis: 2 cases of composite cephalometric analysis.
  10. Mixed dentition cast analysis: 2 cases
  11. CVMI growth prediction: 2 cases

*Should be submitted before the second module without fail.

  1. Library assignment: short research topics will be given and need to submit a long essay.
  2. Journal clubs: 2
  3. Case presentation discussion: 5

Grading System

Annual Examination

  1. Theory examination (MCQs)
  2. Practical Examination & Viva Voce
  3. Clinical Log-Book Evaluation
  4. Clinical Assignments submitted
  5. Case Presentation and defend the viva.


EARLY BIRD OFFER – Rs 1,89,000/- Before 15 March 2024

For Indian Candidates, fees is Rs. 1,99,000/- (WHICH CAN BE PAID IN 4 PARTS of Rs 50,000 Each)

For Overseas and NRI Candidates, fees are 2,550 US Dollars

Discount of Rs. 25,000 /- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) awarded under the following criteria:

  1. Ex-student of Annoor Dental College and Hospital, Muvattupuzha Kerala*.
  2. Candidates who attended Online Dentistry’s 3-day Interceptive and Myofunctional program**
  3. The candidate who gets the highest score in the Online Dentistry Scholarship examination conducted during the Fellowship Modules.

*Needs to produce the proof (recommendation from the principal)

**Needs to produce the proof (recommendation from academic head or certificate of participation)


Annoor Dental College and Hospital

Perumattom, Muvattupuzha, Kerala 686673


Annoor Dental College and Hospital, Kerala